About the project

The Frogsystem 2 aims to be a full fledged CMS specialized for community fan pages. It dates back to the early 2000er years when it was written as CMS for the famous World of Gothic community. After a maintainer change in 2007, it was released as open source and leveled up to its second incarnation. Thus, the code base is very old and crappy.


The latest release is v2.0.0-alix7 from 10/02/2015. Instructions for download and installation are available on the release page. Old releases won't be maintained, but for updating and archiving purposes you may access them via the release history. For more experienced users, we recommend to check out the latest changes from Git.

Online Demo

There's an online demo of Frogsystem 2 available for evaluation purposes. You can access it over here, just log in with credentials "demo/demo". Please be aware of the slightly limited access to certain features for security reasons. Also this demo will be reseted every two hours.

Wiki & Support

We are maintaining a GitHub wiki for this project. Feel free to contribute. Also the bug and issue tracking is located at the GitHub project. If you encounter any problems, please file a new issue. There's currently no support forum or likewise available, but you may contact the developer via twitter (mrgrain).